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Harry M. Cass


The Artist

“I want to touch people with my art. I want them to say 'he feels deeply, he feels tenderly."

- Vincent Van Gogh


My name is Harry Cass.  As a native of New Orleans, I have experienced many struggles but have also basked in a multitude of triumphs. It is at this moment, MY MOMENT that I embark upon my mission to show my art to the world one painting at a time. My ability to vividly portray life’s most precious moments with the stroke of my brush distinguishes me as far more than just an artist, but as a trendsetter of a powerful artistic movement. I survived the violent streets of the Crescent City. Using the lessons of perseverance and tenacity that my great city bestowed upon me, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Arts from the illustrious Dillard University. Since then, I have dedicated myself to sharing my artistic talents with middle and high school students in Louisiana and Georgia.  As the CEO of Respect Art Studios, I have been blessed to give back to the community by exposing the youth to different avenues of art. This exposure affects the students in such indelible ways.  It is truly powerful to witness.


Being multi-faceted is definitely my niche. I am well seasoned with the diligent hustle and work ethic of the New Orleans artistic scene. My repertoire boasts a wide array of both realistic and abstract art. My inspiration, first and foremost, is God! Second, my family is an immense motivational force. They have instilled in me the power of education and necessary discipline to accomplish my goals. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, I am driven by the starving artist! Specifically, the struggling artist who paints for food on Bourbon Street; living and breathing art’s struggle and triumphs.


What’s the secret to my art? The secret is it’s all real!

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